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Would very highly recommend, the app is great for maths. It's easy to use and works perfectly fine I recommend it but I hape the solution or steps will be also available even without availing premium but again I totally recommend it.

Victor Wagar

Hope you understand, it is super easy to use and it just solves the problems for you perfect for online school, app has really helped during this pandemic! Š», and then be able to teach it to your child. Best app to help u if u want to understand maths and also if u didn't know how to do ur homework (⁠.

Dallas Wiese

I think that this is a big form of charity for students, for those who is readying the feed back to this app trust me it's worth of you're storage, hey I'm not a robot. Still the best math app out there. Very awesome app, just that ads get in the way but push that a side and you got yourself a ticket for homework.

Johnny Cardona


Properties of Operations – Mathematics for Elementary

Understanding the distributive property is key in understanding more complex equations; therefore it is important for any aspiring mathematician to become well-versed in its meaning and purpose.
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Properties of Equations

Rather than adding or subtracting each term of a set at once, this property enables one to first distribute one set and then solve it more effectively.


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